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    routing solution

    Cutting-edge algorithms combined with a unique feature set, providing unprecedented operational efficiency.

  • Plan less.

    Deliver more

    Keep up with customer demand while keeping peace of mind. Let us do the heavy lifting.

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    with your fleet size

    Save time and money by cutting down on inefficiencies.

How it works

1. Login

We designed our platform to be web-based, to make it easy to access from anywhere, on any device.

2. Input data

Once logged in, scan all your packages one by one, manually enter them, or upload them all at once as a batch. Add in factors like time windows, package dimensions, and weight.

3. Solve

Once you've added all the packages to be delivered, our algorithms get to work. Within seconds, we tell you how to sort those deliveries into your trucks, how many trucks to use, how to pack each truck efficiently, and what route is the best for each driver to take.

4. Dynamically re-route

Got a call from a client for an urgent pick-up? No problem: real time monitoring allows us to tell you which driver would be the best to assign it to, and we re-calculate the route to accomodate it in seconds.

5. Avoid traffic congestion

Using historical data, we're able to predict which roads to avoid, and we re-route for your drivers on the fly as traffic conditions change.

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